Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I just want to say that it's all djmrswhite's fault that I didn't take a shower until 3:30 this afternoon. I started reading Exile in Guyville, see, and despite several attempts to do so, I was basically unable to put it down until I had finished it. Good stuff.

(My only question now is how much various characters in the book correspond to people I know from LJ...) Speaking of LJ, with all the reading I do here, I guess this means I'm a pretty big fan of the well-written memoir. (I once randomly picked up a book on Marie Antoinette from a box of free books sitting in the hallway in grad school, and surprised myself by reading the whole thing in fairly short order.) The tricky part is, it's all about writing style, which makes it hard to pick something I'm likely to enjoy off the shelf...

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