Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Rod y Gab

So you may have heard of Rodrigo y Gabriela. They're guitarists.

I heard them on the radio a couple times (KBCO, I'm sure) and decided to look them up on YouTube the other day.

I think the appropriate word here is "awesome". Both in the sense of "wow, that's really cool" and in the sense of "sweet fancy Moses! How do they do that?!"

Tamacun - this is the song you're most likely to have heard on the radio.

For Diablo Rojo - this one features their unusual techniques a bit more prominently.

Capitan Casanova - but it's their live performances that are really great. This one has some rockin' violin accompaniment.

Vikingman (live) - and then there's this live performance at Glastonbury, which just blows me away. Near the end I started to wonder if something was actually going to catch fire.

kung_fu_monkey wondered how frequently Gabriella goes through guitars. I asked Google, but sadly, it didn't know.

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