Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

A Long Weekend

Stuff what happened over the long weekend:

On Saturday, there was Kevinage. *boggle!*

Okay, less cryptically: Kevin, my leettle brudder from tEp, was in town on Saturday! He's been roadtripping about with the other main developer for Kingdom of Loathing, and they ended up here, as did Kevin's girlfriend Rhinannon, whom we all approve of most heartily. Socialization ensued. It was deligthful to see and hang out with them.

We had 18 of us (including 6 kids) at breakfast at Village Inn -- it was going to be a local diner, but their prep cook had a seizure that morning, so they couldn't handle that big a crowd -- and then we went to a park with a playground near Kate's house for kids to run around for a while. After that, we went to Kate's for Slayerfest, which this year was broadened to include lots of other shows. I thought this was a fun variation. Along with getting to see new shows, there was some fun discussion of what we liked and didn't, what was noteworthy about each show, and that kind of thing.

Sunday we went over to the Floyds' for grillings. Jerry had to bow out early with oogy tummy and Greg was peopled out, but I stayed for games afterwards. Chris, Rose, Bryree, Jeff, Kate, and I ended up playing Phase Ten, which is a fine, low-key kind of game, but it took four hours and we didn't finish until 1:30 in the morning. We did reach the state of tired where everything becomes really funny, though, so it was worth it, I'd say. Who needs weed when fatigue works just as well?

Monday Mel & Kate came over and I showed them Series 1 of Spaced, so now just about everyone should be ready for the Series 2 marathon tentatively scheduled for sometime in late June. It was a good excuse to clean up the house, and they both enjoyed it.

It was a lovely 3-day weekend, tempered only by the fact that the boys have taken today and tomorrow off and so have made me all jealous with their 5-day weekend. But I did a fair amount of slacking last week, so I suppose it all evens out...

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