Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

It has been a busy weekend. Saturday morning kung_fu_monkey had a double belt test -- green in tang soo do and brown in kung fu. Which he passed, of course. Yay! We're very proud of our martial arts badass. Todd came down with his grandson Noah, and Karen & Thomas didn't quite make it in time to see the test, but go to see video and then went out to lunch with us at La Casita.

Then I got to run off to the office to start some file transfers (which I've been running over the weekend because they take *FOREVER*). Had to cut through some pre-wedding preparations going on on the terrace outside the building (a really nice location for a wedding, actually). And then it was off to a coworker's housewarming barbecue in Louisville. It was... nice. I like my coworkers, but I honestly don't have much to talk about to them. They're mostly pretty pedestrian folks. Whereas me, I then went off to hang out with some friends all evening and pretend to fight frog-men in another dimension.

Today Jerry stayed home feeling poorly while Greg & I went up to Loveland to see the new Indiana Jones movie with Chris & Todd. I liked it. I would rate it as good, but not great. I would have liked it better if they took all the moments that were at 11 and dialed them back to 7 or 8. I've heard some people criticize the movie as being self-indulgent, and could see that; I think it was mostly a matter of there being too much emphasis in a number of spots. If they had let more things slide by and if you get it you get it, rather than being all "OH! HEY! LOOK!" about it, that would have been a lot less of a problem.

I also wish that Hollywood would acknowledge that the human body is fragile, and usually sustains severe injury when it is dropped more than about 20 feet or slammed to a sudden stop. I thought "Aaaaaaaand then they all died." quite a few times. (Not that I didn't think that during Iron Man, too.) But I suppose I really ought to wish for a pony, too, since there's no danger I'll actually get it...

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