Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Okay, we're very nearly at the longest day of the year; how are my days being so short?

Maybe it's because I'm doing eight million things. Ya think?

D&D at Keith's last night. 4e books came in mail. Need to see if I can return the power supply that's the wrong kind. Catching up after trip. Working on travel arrangements. Writing three things, all of which I am enthused about. Scheduling movie for Saturday and stuff for next weekend and the weekend after and then whatever comes after that. Have to drop off giant ancient heavy monitor and pick up jacket from dry cleaners. Watched first DVD of new Dr. Who tonight. (I like it. It is good, and has budget, but it also kinda cheesy.) Groceries dishes laundry bills gotta remember to put the new plates on the car.

So yeah, that's why I'm all boring-sounding lately -- too much going on to spend time talking about it...

Observation: looking at the Flickr photo pool from Jess & Colin's wedding, I have a lot of photogenic friends. Also, some of my friends are very good photographers. That's pretty cool!

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