Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I feel like I ought to say something about the election, but that it's pretty much all been said by the other people I've been reading lately.

I need to review my election guides in the morning, but I certainly expect to vote Democratic for most offices.

I'm for public transit (fasTracks) and dismantling the electoral college (piecemeal, if necessary (amendment 36, which won't pass)).

Naturally, I'm voting for Kerry for president, based on the candidates' positions on issues.

Of course, that's not what the election is really about. It's really about the Prog meme, which says we should make everybody happy, improve the world, and be all egalitarian and stuff, verus the Con meme, which says we should reward obedience, punish weakness, and maintain a clear hierarchy of worthiness and authority.

I'm a queer intellectual non-affluent environmental scientist geek. Guess which meme I carry. Go on, guess.

Of course, I also found a very interesting graphic eariler today. Think, for a moment, about what you do when you need to make more space on your hard drive. You start out looking for files you don't need, but then you realize they don't really matter, and you try to find the biggest files you can, to either delete them or compress them, right? With that in mind, have a look at these graphics about the 2003 US budget: overall and discretionary.

But that's enough from me. I have no desire to rant, and I will be doing my best to remain blissfully ignorant of the outcome of the elections for as long as possible, since I figured there's no point in bothering to try and find out about it until things are settled, which I'm thinking will probably take a little time...

Remember to vote! Progressives vote tomorrow, conservatives vote on Wednesday!

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