Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Saturday was small-children-birthday-day (Soren & Gabriel), which mostly meant hangin' out in the park with folks while lots of other childrens ran amok. Most of them are still doing the whole "small" thing pretty hardcore, so there wasn't actually that much amok to run. Greg & Jerry both got a little sunburned. It was low-key and nice.

Saturday evening was Jeff's Eberron game, which is heading toward a climax. Discussed 4e characters for the followup game. I have filed the serial numbers off and replaced all the standard fluff with different fluff for my character concept, which I think will be fun.

Sunday Bryree & Mel came to our place and carpooled with us down to the Nevilles' for the Spaced Series 2 marathon, w00t! We also had Kate & Sara & Mary. Karen made cake and tasty chicken enchiladas for lunch for us because it was Greg's birthday, and it was all ways around a great day. (Fear not, anybody who wanted to watch and couldn't make it: we'll make sure you're covered. Among other things, the Region 1 release is July 23rd and I already have the box set ordered.)

Yesterday and today have been mostly uninterested, with lots of running around to deal with various errands and suchlike before long weekend and houseguests, so I won't even mention them.

And I must apologize for the vicious earworm fight my last post prompted. Y'all know I love you even when I'm wicked, right?

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