Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Things Which Are Categorizeable

Things Which Are Annoying:

* Slow leaks in tires.

* Unsuccessfully shopping for shoes.

* Being stood up... for a work meeting. We were supposed to meet at Colleague's office -- at the other campus, of course -- to talk about website thingy. I showed up at 1, as scheduled. Hung around until 1:30, waiting. Colleague never showed. Wanker!

Things Which Are Awesome:

* Fireworks.

* Food from the authentic Mexican place across the street. (Eaten while we played Descent.)

* Friends which will come and visit from a long way out of town. Had a lovely time seeing melted_snowball. There was board-gaming fun, and some shopping, but mostly lots of good conversation. After putting him on the bus Sunday morning, we discovered that he forgot his chocolates from Wen in the fridge. D'oh! (Of course, now we have to eat them, oh darn.)

Things Which Are Good, But Not As Good As Other Things:

* Series 2 of Big Train, which I enjoyed, but not nearly as much as Series 1. Commentary tracks revealed that the directors & producers had changed, and that most of my favorites were actually left over from S1. Well then! But yay for Netflix regardless.

* Planters dry roasted peanuts, which I actually don't like as much as the cheaper store-brand.
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