Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

No luck with shoes yet, but I did find the New Balance store and determine their hours. One step closer. (So to speak -- ha HA!) And I found iron-on transfer paper and a couple shirts, to make replacements for the Dr. Tectonic shirt that I returned because the printing had faded incredibly badly after only one wearing and two washings. They were really good about giving me a refund, though, so I still feel positively toward the company, and when I mentioned that in my email, the rep sent me a reply thanking me for being so polite and "adding a little sunshine" to the transaction, so I think I got to make somebody's day, which is always nice.

Stirfried snow peas, tofu, opo, and green onions with a garlic / sugar / fish sauce / oyster sauce combo for dinner, and it turned out very tasty.

And now it's 10:30, which is much later than I want it to be. I would like some day back, please. I still have things to do.
Tags: quotidia

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