Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Cars Are Expensive, But At Least My Feet Are Happy

Friday morning I got up and drove the minivan over to the garage, because the right rear tire had a slow leak. They couldn't find it when I took it in for an oil change earlier in the week, they just aired it up and said bring it back if it loses pressure again, so when it was all soft and skooshy two days later, I did exactly that.

They found a leaky valve stem and fixed it, so once that was dealt with, I called Triple A and arranged for a tow truck to come and pick up the other minivan (Emma), which hasn't been starting lately, and tow it to the same garage. Dropped off one, picked up the other, and was finally able to head in to work. (All I'll say is that it's a good thing I can get a lot done from home on days like this.)

On the way home, I stopped by the New Balance store to look at shoes, and I actually found a pair that I liked. They're the "motion control" type and technically I think they're running shoes, but mostly how that matters is that they're fairly lightweight and have a lot more breathability that will help keep my feet from overheating. They're even not-ugly. And they were on sale! Still pretty pricey, but I'm happy with them.

Which is good, because when I got home I found out that the clutch had died on the Jetta.

So that's exciting.

It had to be towed to the place I bought it, which is inconveniently far away on the other side of town, and I was feeling ripped-off about how much towing cost there is that isn't being picked up by the extended warranty, and also by the fact that when I called and asked, they said that yeah, warranty probably covers clutch and it doesn't, it only covers the slave cylinder (though to be fair, I must admit that it seemed likely the guy on the phone didn't really know what he was talking about), but I got a quote for the same repairs from the dealer and it turns out that even with the towing and whatnot it's still several hundred bucks cheaper than taking it to the dealer would be. So my totally unjustified irritation is denied by virtue of being totally unjustified, which in turn makes me meta-annoyed.

Emma needs a new fuel pump, which is also expensive, but maybe they can find one at a scrapyard and avoid having to replace the wiring harness, too. But regardless of how they end up panning out, these repairs are going to take a few days, and in the meantime we're down to one car for the three of us. Thank god my employee ID has an Eco-Pass sticker and I can ride the bus to work for free.

All of which is a long-winded lead-up to mentioning that I walked to the bus stop this morning in my new shoes and it didn't make my feet tired!

This is so strange I hardly know what to do with myself.

Things What Happened Recently:

Greg went off shopping with Elizabeth on Saturday and came home with a bunch of new clothes (which is a newsworthy item in itself) that look really good on him. Plus a pirate panda bear. He is awesome.

Jerry & I watched disk 2 of new Dr. Who. Still fun, still a bit cheesy. I was quite impressed with the episode "Dalek" for what they managed to do with playing on the audience's sympathies.

I made a pair of Dr. Tectonic shirts to wear at Comic-Con. I ended up sending the one from Spreadshirt back because the transfer was bad and faded horribly after only one wearing and two washings, but they were very nice about it and gave me a refund, so I still have a good opinion of them. They also offered to reprint it, but wouldn't have been able to get it to me in time, so I decided just to buy some inkjet printer iron-on transfer paper, and it worked like a charm.

Last night I went and hung out with Wes, who was in town this weekend, and talked all kinds of interesting sociology / relationship theory / psychology / how people work kinds of stuff. It was delightful.
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