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I spent the evening at the paint-your-own ceramics place on Pearl Steet, working on a wedding present for Beth and Chris. Their wedding is the 21st, and I was hoping to go, but it is in Tacoma, and alas, temporal and monetary constraints forbid. (I will be utterly astonished - agog, even - if somehow Beth and/or Chris manages to read this entry before the wedding, given that I haven't publicized my lj's existence, other than a little befriending here and there, and that in fact I'm not even posting this yet, but will post it later and backdate, but just for the sake of form: Beth and/or Chris, if you're reading this before you get your wedding present, stop now!)

*Whew!* Now that that's out of the way:

So anyway, I painted a bowl for them. I wanted to do a sort of "grass" pattern on the inside, with lots and lots and lots of individual brush strokes filling up the space. I got a whole bunch of strokes on, in a whole bunch of different shades of green, but I didn't have the space all filled and I wasn't real happy with the overlap pattern of the strokes. So I started gently sponging it off, to see if I could revise it some, and the sponging actually spread stuff out to the point that I started to really like it. So I left it. The outside I did in a deep blue with purple bubble glaze. This you do by adding dish soap to diluted glaze, blowing bubbles in it with a straw, and letting them pop. If it turns out, it will look really cool. I may have to do a whole big piece that way if it works the way I want.

It's been quite a while since I did a ceramic piece, but I think I'm getting better at picking patterns. I used to try to do these ridiculously intricate designs that would take hours and hours. I've learned not to try for representational stuff, and now I think I'm learning to be comfortable doing simpler designs that don't take quite so much precision and work.

I should make more art.

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