Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

So I'm in San Diego! Staying at the (very lovely!) home of bnsd70. Picking up badge tomorrow morning.

I drove up to Scripps after my plane landed to meet with a colleague. We chatted about Big Project for a while, had lunch, and then we were basically done and I still had a couple hours before Bryson would be home.

So I went to the beach.

Scripps was one of the places I considered for grad school. It was very close, but I chose CU-Boulder instead. It's probably a good thing. I suspect that I might never have graduated if I went to Scripps, instead dropping out to become a surf bum. Today I'd probably be in great shape, tanned, utterly destitute, and totally content. (And maybe drowned, but hey.)

It's been a really great vacation already, and I still have four days of con and people to go. *happy*

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