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Comic-Con: Friday

Friday was Spaced day, so this is the loooong entry.

I took the bus downtown early enough to grab breakfast and a sandwich from the grocery store three blocks away from the convention center. (This is what I ate for lunch on Thursday, and they had an awesome deal where you could buy a sandwich, drink, and chips and get an insulated lunch bag for free, which furthered my strange transformation into logistically-savvy and prepared adult-type person, who carries drinks and sharpies and water and ibuprofen and all kinds of weird stuff. WTF?)

Got calls and text messages (and I would just like to say that text messaging is way way cooler in practice than sounds like in theory, especially in vast noisy caverns and panel discussions) and met up with Dave/e_ticket and Robert/bigsabu and Tim/martini_tim and many others whose names and LJ-handles I have forgotten because I am bad person and because they weren't on my list of "meet up with these people!" beforehand.

But after some initial hellos and a couple pix, I bailed because, as previously mentioned, today was Spaced day, dammit, and I was on a mission.

First! I wanted to get autographs. Now, the autograph session was limited, so you had to stand in a line to draw a ticket to get to attend the signing. If you get a ticket with a stamp, you can get a signature later in the day, and if not, you can go back and stand in line again and draw again.

And here my good con karma (which so far has been amazing) appeared to break down, because I cycled through four times and didn't get one. On the last attempt, the other line ran out of tickets and they all migrated to the back of the line I was in, so I knew that there was no point in a fifty try. I did see a very convincing Nicholas Angel waiting in line as well. I also saw someone official come up and slip him a stamped ticket, which I thought was pretty cool, actually.


So, no signing for me, alas. At this point, it was about 10:30, which meant it was time to get into the room for my 12:15 panel. Because if the thing you're into is popular, it's a good idea to go sit in the room a couple panels early and just wait. So I got to hear the last of the Q&A for the general Marvel discussion panel. (Which had some egregious fan wank/whineage about the latest Spiderman plot arc, but also had a couple good things like a guy in an orange prison jumpsuit and a frog hat whose question was simply: "When's Toad coming back?")

And then I got to see the panel for the Powerpuff Girls 10th anniversary & Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, which was entertaining and fun even though I only knew a little about what they were talking about. The fun thing about voice actor panels is that they'll be answering questions normally and suddenly there are characters talking... They made the guy who does the announcer's voice for PPG do the announcement in the voice of Eduardo from Foster's, which was funny.

And then!
The Spaced Panel! Finally! Simon & Jess & Edgar came out and talked about the show and getting it released in Region 1, and hey, rather than trying to summarize things from my increasingly fuzzy memory, how about I just link to it:

(Here's a lousy picture I took.)

Once it came time for Q&A, I veritably leapt into action! We got a couple lame questions ("What's up with this American remake?" "Dude, it's already dead.") and a number of good ones. The guy two in front of me started a finger-gun battle with Simon, which was very cool. I asked about their writing -- when they were writing, did they approach the funny more analytically or intuitively? Jess mostly answered my question: there was some structural stuff in the conceptual phase, figuring out who the characters were, but once they had them, it was just letting the characters live and be themselves, which was a nice answer.

At the end of the panel, I managed to catch Jess's attention and hand her a little bag with three disks of exotically-spiced chocolate from Wen and instructions to share with Edgar & Simon, so that was pretty much mission accomplished on that front. Yay!

We loitered around the edges of the signing session in hopes that maybe they would say hello to us, and Nicole got some good pictures with her super-awesome camera, but nothing much came of it other than loitering.

We finally went and got "lunch", after wandering back & forth and finding Robb's friend Dammit-I-Forgot-His-Name-Too, at about 4.

After that, we went our separate ways for a bit. Got a text from Dave Cobb & wandered with the exhibition floor with him & Bill/roguecub (I think) for a while, then met up with Tim & Robert & others. I ended up hanging out with Tim while everyone else went off to a big birthday party. We chatted about games, and poly relationships, and all kinds of stuff until they shut down the exhibition floor at 7. Then we decided to wait in the Mariott lobby until the crowds thinned for a bit, where we bumped into Dave White (cue more chatting), then went to meet a couple LJ-friends of Tim's for dinner. I just walked with them until it was time for me to head back to the Convention Center to wait in line for the showing.

Even showing up at 8:30 for a 10:15 event, I ended up at the end of a very long line -- down one hall, around a corner, down another hall, and then outside. At Nicole's prompting, I joined the Peggster group and jumped up almost to the front of the line. I bought off my mild feelings of guilt by walking down the line handing out jaffa cakes from my coat pocket. (Well, LU Pim's, anyway. And everyone got into the room when all was said and done, so no harm done.) The New Avengers screening before us ran late, so when they finally started letting people in in small groups, the ten or so of us at the front of the line got to go in and go around the back to the far side, where there were seats. So we snuck around the backside of the New Avengers Q&A to find some pretty decent seats in the dark.

And then!



We're sitting over on the right side of the room, the exit side. It's dark. I'm looking around and hey, there, near the doors -- OMG, that's Edgar Wright! Several of the others in the next little cluster say hi as the pass by him on the way to seats. I keep looking around and hey! It's Simon! And Jess! Lurking along the wall!

So I asked Nicole if it would be obnoxious to go up and say hello. (She's a mod on the Peggster boards, and knows Simon personally, so is a good judge of these things.) And she says no. So we sidle on over there.


*squeeeeeeeeee!* This made me very happy.

So I didn't get any signatures, but that's fine. I mostly wanted signatures as an opportunity to say hello. So this was better, actually.

I told Simon he looked like he needed to take a nap (he looked pretty knackered), and he said he felt like one. Did Jess share the chocolates? Yes, she says, she ate the chili one. Told them to share with Edgar, too -- but too late, apparently. Dashed off to grab a Sharpie (prepared! I was prepared! When did that start happening?!) for Stoney (who was dressed as Shaun) to get the final signature on her cricket bat. Had an extra sharpie for random other fan who wanted a signature, too. It was brief, but grand.

And then we were done, and we went and sat down instead of bugging them further because their fandom is restrained and tries not to wear out its welcome. Simon, Jess, & Edgar went and stood in the hall, poking back in now and again.

Introducing the episodes, Simon instigated a massive finger-gun battle.

Then we got to watch episodes 1.3 - Art, 1.6 - Epiphanies, and 1.5 - Gone. YAY!

And then Robb gave me a ride home, and I finished my writeup of my day at 2:22 AM MDT. (!)

It was all much of awesome.

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