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Comic-Con wrapup

We had the first session of Jeff's 4e D&D game this evening, and last night we visited with the Durbins at Karen & Thomas's, but otherwise this week has had little to report. Which is good, because I need to wrap up the Comic-Con posts!

Saturday I showed up around 10 so I could see Tim & Robert before they took off back to L.A. I also had gifts: a bar of Slovenian chocolate with roasted pumpkin seeds for Tim (he collects the wrappers from exotic chocolate), & a can of basil seed drink for Robert. I instructed Tim that he had to share, though, because the basil seed drink is, um, kind of a lousy gift. It's for the videos Robert does, and while basil seed drink tastes fine (it is neither yummy nor awful in flavor) if you drink it from an opaque glass, it's kind of completely horrifying in appearance.

Then I went to the Steampunk meetup, which was very cool. They booked a room expecting about 20 people, and at 100 reached capacity and had to start turning people away. I wasn't wearing either of my Dr. Tectonic t-shirts (I wore them Thurs & Fri and I am not the kind of geek who re-wears a sweaty shirt to a con), but I had goggles and the moustache. Which, by the way, garnered a number of spontaneous compliments over the weekend, making me feel good. People were psyched, heard about some cool projects in the making, and overall it seems like a Burgeoning Trend™.

After that I ate half a soggy sandwich on the steps for lunch, and then met up with Matty/mattycub. We wandered the floor for a few hours and talked about work and relationships and social circles and all that new-friend stuff. At some point, we ran into a bear cluster that was being interviewed by some guy doing a podcast. So then I wandered the hall and hung out with Matty and his partner Sean/zombietruckstop and Dave/e_ticket and Bill/roguecub and I think a couple other people, though my brain is really fuzzy on details at this point, what with the overload and the tired and being horrible with names in the first place, so I can't remember who.

There was a little bit of the "LBGT in Comics" panel, then a "mixer" afterwards, but mostly it was more hangin' out in slightly different venue until we all decided we were hungry and went off to Brians' (the downtown one) for dinner. I was considering going to the sneak preview for Hamlet 2 (we got accosted by a squad of Sexy Jesuses on Thursday and given passes, in part due to the moustache), but it was first-come first-served and I decided I would rather have dinner than stand in line. It was me, Dave, Matty, Sean, Bill, Brian/kingfuraday, Zack/rugbybearpa, Matt/maverick1303 and ha-HA I can actually remember them all if they're arranged around a table! Well, except for the friend of Sean's who came and joined us, because she didn't have an LJ handle. Sadness. I had some impressively good fried chicken, we managed to catch the very last bus home at 10:30, and I went to bed quite late.


Packed up and took my leave of Bryson that morning so I could just go straight from the convention center to the airport at the end of the day.

Met up with Robb & Nicole after I checked my bags at Kevin's booth. (Have I mentioned how super-mega-awesome he & the whole KoL crew were for getting me a badge and letting me leave my stuff with them from time to time? Because that definitely needs mentioning.) More wandering of the exhibition floor, although Sunday was INSANE with crowds, probably because there were a lot fewer big panels. Comic-Con was completely sold out each day, and the number I heard was something like 125,000 people in attendance each day. This is, you will probably not be surprised to hear, a VERY LARGE QUANTITY OF PEOPLE. And... that's most of what we did, really. Wandered the floor, bought a few things, met up with people here and there and then divided up again. I was totally wiped, but it was really nice, because Robb & Nic are (like all the other people I've been mentioning) super-awesome fantastic nice people.

I was exhausted at the end. It was lovely. I feel like the stars aligned to make the trip happen, and then they unaligned, and then they aligned again even better than they were to start with. The trip was all about good karma and the power of nice, and a huge huge portion of why it was so good was all the really lovely, wonderful people that I had only known online that I got to meet in person finally. I get a little choked up just thinking about it. Y'all rock.

Internets FTW!

I think I already posted a link to my pix on Flickr, but here it is again:

Nicole mentioned at some point that she liked taking candids, and I realized that I agreed. A picture of a guy dressed up at Batman is kinda cool, but a picture of a guy dressed up as Batman taking a picture of the Iron Man statue is so much cooler. (I missed that shot because I was too slow.) So if you're wondering, that's what I started trying to take pictures of at the end of it.

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