Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Yahoo Helping

Yahoo maps thinks that the geographic center of Broomfield is in the little field across the street from our apartment.

The fact that I know this made it much easier for me to help the guy who knocked on my door this morning looking for the Salvation Army, because when it doesn't know the address you give it, it just sticks the star at the center of whatever city you're looking at.

He took the bus from Boulder and had a map printed out that showed a little star right there, but there is no Salvation Army near our house.

At first I thought he wanted the thrift store, which I think is a couple miles down 120th, but it turns out he wanted the administrative office because he wants to be a bell-ringer. I was unsuccessful finding anything in the phone book or online (given that the vast majority of people going to the Salvation Army website want to either donate stuff or buy stuff from a thrift store, their website is HORRIBLY designed), but he offered to reimburse me a dollar for calling 411 (which I declined), and they had the phone number, and the voice mail at the phone number had the address, which turns out to be several blocks down Midway, across from a school and in the middle of a residential area.

The guy thanked me profusely, and said that Coloradans are much nicer and more helpful than New Yorkers. So yay me, I guess!

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