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So, yup, muscle spasm in the neck. Apparently they take a few days to a week to clear up, but I've been doing the right things for it (heat, massage, stretching, tiger balm) and I have some muscle relaxants for bedtime.

I made dinner last night with the intention of just using up some ingredients, but I was really pleased how it turned out, so I thought I'd share.

Thawed out some pork chops, cut off the freezer-burned bits, sliced up the rest into small bits, and sauteed it with some green onion. Squeezed a lime over it when it was almost done.

On the walk home from the barber shop, I saw the veggie truck, so I got a dollar's worth of tomatillos (about sixteen, mostly tiny to medium in size, one large) and a bundle of cilantro. Stemmed and seed two jalapenos, husk the tomatillos, and peel about six cloves of garlic. Broil it all for eight minutes (until soft and starting to char) and then throw the lot into the food processor with a vidalia onion (cut up) and a large handful of cilantro. Process until mostly smooth and add salt to taste.

I also had some (slightly underripe) peaches, so I cut one into slices and broiled it as well, then cut it into small pieces. Pork + peach + salsa on top of tortilla chips = yummy dinner.

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