Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Scandal, family, friends, and work

There were really spectacular clouds at sunset tonight.

Lots of family stuff this weekend. Saturday was dinner at Macaroni Grill for people to see my little brother and his fiancee, who are getting married this coming weekend, because lots of folks won't be able to make it to the wedding.

(It's on *ahem* short notice. I'm probably alone amongst my family members in thinking that there's nothing inherently wrong with premarital sex, but that failing to use contraception is one of the ways you can screw it up...)

I chauffeured my grandmother there and had a lovely time. Saw various siblings, including my step-sister and her family, who are living in England for another year or so. A friend of the family was there, a lovely and gregarious lady with a big family who lost her husband recently, and she was saying they were going to have some kind of party and I would have to come even though I'm anti-social. I was thinking what? Do you not know anything about me? and then I realized, oh, right, no, you don't, really...

And on Sunday I chauffeured Grandma again to the annual family picnic. It was low-key and pleasant, as such affairs go, and mostly involved seeing lots of elderly relatives who remember me much better than I remember them. I wish I were better at remembering all the stories my grandmother tells, because I've come to realize there's an awful lot of scandal on that side of the family. Teenage pregnancies with daughters raised as sisters, neighbor children adopted after being abandoned by their parents, second families one town over, all kinds of things.

Sunday evening we went up to Loveland to visit Chris & Todd. Jerry & I went to Red Lobster with Todd for dinner, while Chris & Greg went to Chili's, because Todd was jonesing to go and Chris can't abide fish. 'Twas mucho tasty. And then we watched the first 5 episodes of Spaced series 2, now that I have my Region 1 DVDs.

For the last week I've been fighting with pregenerating some data products at work. It only takes about 10 minutes to create them -- if you don't care about getting some of the details right. If you do care, it takes a lot longer, sigh.

I also have managed to get entrained in the "updating our IT service agreement" process by virtue of being informed and caring about it. I made a bunch of suggestions that people will probably think are insane, but will hopefully at least get the discussion focused on the right issues...
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