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Weekend in Utah

So this last weekend, I went to Utah and had a good time.

Most of my life I've lived in Denver, and flew in and out of a big hub airport. So I'm always slightly surprised by smaller airports that only have a dozen or two gates and three or four baggage carousels.

I also always forget how sprawly Denver is, because it was all of two miles from the rental car place to Reid & Richard's house. I drove in a straight line and then turned left for one block and went left again for half a block and I was there. Admittedly, they do live basically downtown, so there's a lot of SLC that would have been farther-flung. But still: everything was so close! (In fact, I pulled up a bunch of maps of different cities on Google maps and the MSA population list on Wikipedia and was comparing, and I think Denver is quite a bit sparser than most urban areas. Though nowhere near as bad as Houston.)

We got really tasty lunch at a vietnamese place. I had some fantastic vietnamese chicken salad and tamarind soup, and it was exactly what I wanted. Got myself settled into the very lovely guest room in their very lovely house which is filled with very lovely toys and furnishings that I was totally coveting all weekend long. (This was not helped by Richard's friendly taunting with the MacBook Air.) I hope they can sell it soon so they can move out to LA & re/join their other halves, but it's truly a shame that they can't take the house (also very coveted) with them...

Spent an afternoon introducing one another to various TV shows and YouTube videos and whatnot on the 52" HDTV (covet!) and then I zipped up to, um, Small-Town-20-Minutes-Up-the-Highway for rehearsal dinner. It was low-key and pleasant. The new in-laws proved to be interesting and enjoyable to talk to. The food was tasty and elegant in a sort of workmanlike way. Our waitress had a hairdo that really reminded me of a Chihuly chandelier in the back. Ate a little too much, then headed back to SLC and stayed up far too late chatting with my hosts.

Saturday we went to The Other Place for brunch, and then hit the grocery store because I forgot my toothbrush, then more just hangin' out until I had to iron the clothes and finish wrapping the present and run off to Kaysville for the wedding itself. It was short and sweet. Two songs from siblings, a few words from the bishop, vows, rings, done. My uncle Dave drove down unexpectedly from Wyoming, so that was nice. I was waylaid for pictures on the front steps of the building involving vast numbers of relatives, and we were done a little after 4. The reception didn't start until 6:30, so I ran back to Reid & Richard's for a little decompression and not wearing of dressy clothes.

The reception was a low-key backyard affair, albeit a very nice backyard. Now, would you assume that at a wedding reception at 6:30 in the evening that something sort of dinner-like would be served? Because I sure did.

It turns out this assumption is unwarranted. Because there was pie.

And that's all.

Well, mints, I suppose.

Now, don't get me wrong: it was very tasty pie. And there were may varieties. I had a slice of chocolate and a slice of raspberry, and was quite pleased with both.

But around 8-ish my blood sugar started to get really cranky with me. So I said my goodbyes and headed back once more. I got to the stage where I would see the signs on the exits indicating that there were restaurants where food might be gotten, but I just could not cope with the decision-making involved in actually exiting the highway and going to one of these restaurants, so I was very grateful when I got back and Richard trundled me off to the grocery store where I got a SALAD with CHICKEN. On the drive I had managed to work out that I really wanted was raw vegetables and a chunk of meat because that was about as far from pie as possible, food-wise, and indeed I was much, much happier once I ate that and the nectarine and a chunk of Jarlsberg.

A brief digression: I had a good time visiting with siblings and we talked about, among other things, blogging. I think most of them have got some level of family-news type blog going. And I mentioned that, oh yes, I'm on LiveJournal and that's where I met the friends I was staying with, but I managed to avoid mentioning the name or URL of my blog to them. Because that side of the family are the only people I know that I'm not really out to. The problem, see, is that when I came out to my Mom, she told everybody else. And later on, I came out to my Dad, and I sort of assumed he would do the same, but he didn't quite approve, and then? He died. And I don't know whether he told anyone or who has worked it out on their own or what. And lately every time there's been an opening where it might be mentioned, I just did not feel up to dealing with having The Discussion. And there's also my grandmother, whom I love dearly, and who is 94 years old, and she might cope well with it, and she might not, but either way I don't think it would be a kindness to force her to confront the issue. And, of course, none of them know about Greg. And really, it would be pretty tacky to make my brother's wedding day, which should be all about the happy couple, all about me instead by making scandalous revelations. So there was a lot of not saying going on.

Anyway, mostly I just want to say that I had forgotten how very tedious and tiresome The Pronoun Game is. I'm now playing the advanced version, where you try to watch not just gender, but number as well. I also had a step-aunt or similar such relation (there are a LOT of them and I don't keep track) say "I hope next time we see you you have a wife!" Which was well-meant, I'm sure, but still. Oy vey. I managed to say "I'll work on that," with a smile. (I was good and did not respond to the sentiment "You need someone to take care of you," with "Oh, thank you, but my two husbands do that quite well," but let me tell you, I was sorely tempted.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right! At Reid & Richard's! (har har) So... yeah. Talking, sharing of cool video, Richard made me play Ratchet & Clank (WANT!) on PS3, said hi to Tim & Robert over Skype, had a fine old time, et cetera. Again with staying up too late and sleeping in on comfy futon.

The next morning (well, day, really) we had brunch at the Red Rock Brewery with Chris (x10), who is also a lot of fun and a swell guy. I chanced to introduce Richard to the idea of the Pirate Supply and Lard Store at 826 Valencia in SF, and so I must apologize to anyyone who may have been driven mad by his sudden obsession. I didn't mean it. Along with beer and tasty breakfast sandwiches, the menu at the brewpub had fancy coffee, and I thought it seemed like a little bit of a "screw you!" to Mormonism in general. Which I suppose you have to do, if you're a brewery in the middle of Salt Lake City.

Back to their house, where Reid showed off the new WoW beta to Chris and we once more just hung out, basically, until it was time for me to return the rental car and fly home.

I know it makes for lousy storytelling, but I'm thinking "I hung out with some friends" is a major component of a good vacation for me.

I feel like I ought to be able to say more about what I learned about Reid & Richard beyond "they're really cool and I like them" (and they're taller in real life than online), or what we talked about besides that sort of sharing of history that's standard with new friends (and sharing of notes on poly relationships, which I think is probably also standard), but I'm finding it quite ineffable, so you'll just have to settle for "I had a really good time".

Once they move, there's going to be a good dozen or so people in LA that I'd really like to see more often. I'm going to have to find some reason for work to start sending me out there...

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