Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I haven't been in a posting mood much lately. I blame bryree, who stole all my free time by forcing me to watch Never Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube. At gunpoint. *shakes fist*

We went to a really lovely potluck up in Longmont on Sunday. I made the vietnamese pumpkin and some taboulleh. Saw Mel, and Neal & Rhonda, and of course our hostess, Sarah. There was a lot of tasty food. One of Sarah's friends (Nova, I think?) definitely knows how to ingratiate herself with people by complimenting their cooking. (She's married to a chef, go figure.)

Jerry got endoscoped yesterday, so I mostly took the day off to keep an eye on him, since general anaesthesia is like that. (He also has caught the Cold of Doom that Greg & I had last week. And he's going vegetarian for two weeks for his Buddhism class. So all together, he's feeling a bit miserable. Poor thing.) But then late in the evening, my brain suddely decided it would be a good time to start thinking about bilinear interpolation and converting data from one map projection to another.

This turns out to be one of those problems that is quite straightforward in theory and a gigantic pain in the ass in practice. I actually looked at *shudder* fortran code last night while working it out. I determined that the package I'm using is either doing something very clever mathematically, or is wrong wrong WRONG. Sadly, I have to do some tests to figure out which it is, and that's bleah.

Overcast weather made me gloomy yesterday. Today is better, but it could be all the way sunny instead of partly cloudy and I wouldn't mind at all.

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