Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Three things involving dogs:

I talked to my Mom on the phone this morning. Their dog Bo, who is an elderly redbone hound, was really sick last weekend, but then he got better. They took him to the vet and found out that (1) he probably ate something poisonous, and (2) he has an enlarged heart. So he's on heart medication now.

I just went for a walk, because it's a lovely day, and ran across a guy taking a beagle puppy for a walk. He asked if I knew anyone who wanted a dog. He spent $350 on the pup, but can't have pets in his apartment. My (unvoiced) thought was: Why would you spend $350 on a dog if you didn't know whether or not you can keep it?

Also while out on my walk, I saw a "dock dogs" competition in the park. They have a big pool set up, the dogs leap off a platform into the water after various thrown objects, and are scored on distance. Kind of a strange sport, but the dogs were clearly having a good time.

Nothing particularly noteworthy about any of these, just an interesting convergence of doggitude.

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