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I blew off work and visited my grandmother today. She's in her nineties, and recently fell and broke her leg. My stepmother mentioned that she's bored to tears being stuck in a wheelchair, so I determined to go see her sometime this week (having failed to do so last Saturday). I was planning on an evening visit, but my day was off to a slow start, so I decided to just drive down there right then.

I caught up with her just as she was getting back from a trip with my Uncle Bo to get her prescriptions renewed. I haven't seen him in a while, so it was nice to say hi to him as well. He didn't stay long after we got Gramma settled.

Grandma and I talked for a couple hours. Well, mostly she talked and I listened, but that's fine. She has a lot to say. All the stories about various distant relatives are much more interesting now that I'm an adult. When I was a kid, I always thought they were boring, but it turns out that even the average life has an awful lot of scandal and drama...

Interesting anecdote: Grandma has an awful neighbor, this total misanthrope of an old woman. Just recently my youngest brother was trimming the kudzu that was growing over the top of Grandma's fence from the neighbor's side, and the neighbor insisted that he come over and trim (that is, butcher) the backside of a large bush on Grandma's property. When he did, he discovered a ladies' satchel hidden under the overhanging branches, which had been burglarized from Grandma's other neighbor just a couple days before! Sometimes good things happen despite people's best efforts.

It was a good visit. I'm going to try and have dinner with her sometime next week.

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