Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

bryree, who is awesome, got tickets for Jerry & Greg to go see Distant Worlds, a symphonic performance of music from the Final Fantasy games tonight. So they went off to do that and I went over to Chris's and played Agricola. (You have to yodel it, like the Ricola commercials: Agreeeecolaaaaa.) It nearly made my brain explode, because the game tree is very broad for most of it, but I did quite decently for my first time and had a good time.

Before that, I got a good chunk of writing done this evening. It needs some polish, but I got a section worked out that was giving me some trouble. It turned out longer than I expected, but the whole damn thing has been doing that, so that's nothing new. The interesting thing is that I had some ideas that I would write a couple lines of, realize they weren't fitting in, and throw them out, but then later on I would realize there actually was room for a toned-down version of it. So that was satisfying in an unexpected way. There've also been a number of passages of dialogue that I realized worked better if I changed the speakers around, which is kind of weird, but there you go.

Lots of shuttling stacks of files around at work today, all multiplexy and distributed-like. Bing, bang, do it twenty-four times all in parallel. Does it work? Good! On to the next thing. Kind of satisfying, but also very tiring.

I feel like it's Friday already. Is it really only Wednesday?

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