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Tonight I dropped kung_fu_monkey off at the Floyds' to play heroclix with Chris while Rose and I went out to see The Incredibles. I had offered to rescue her from her house last time we were over there, and she doesn't get to go out for movies much, so when tonight turned out to be pretty good for it, we went. Note: Monday evenings are great for seeing movies, because there was NOBODY there and we got perfect seats.

As everyone else has said: the movie was AWESOME. I want to be a superhero in a 60s-styled world!

It was much less comedy and much more action-adventure than I was expecting, but it worked well. Kind of James Bond meets the Fantastic Four, in the best possible way. The vehicle designs also rawked. Rose asked me why we don't have cool helicopters like that, and I had no good answer.

I was especially impressed by the movement of some of the characters. Frozone's speed-skating movement style was great, as were the omnidroid's motion patterns. Voice acting was great, writing was great, etc. Pixar is getting very good at fabrics and fibers.

I think my favorite character might be Edna, the super-costume-designer.

Go see it! Hooray pixar! Hooray superheroes! Hooray!

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