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I haven't really written much since Halloween; been taking a bit of a break after the crunch of October. NaNoWriWhat?

Tomorrow is an all-day meeting with eight or ten people physically present and another four or five videoconferencing in. Well, one guy is joining by video; everyone else couldn't pull it off and are joining by phone, which is kind of annoying, given that the effort put into setting up the videoconference was nontrivial, but eit, I suppose.

Our net connection has been really slow lately, and I spent a half an hour on the phone with our ISP this morning plugging and unplugging and powercycling largely because I gave them the wrong username and they were looking at some guy in Michigan's modem instead of ours. Oops. But now they're sending us a free loaner DSL modem to see if the problem is that our hardware is old and creaky. So that's nice.

The Gamaches had a free ticket to the Denver Museum of Natural History (it will always be Natural History to me, not Nature and Science), so I joined them on Saturday to go see the travelling dinosaur exhibit from the American Museum. It was fun, though the IMAX movie at the end gave me a headache from parallax plus low blood sugar. And I learned something! Recently, paleontologists have started thinking that all the horns and spikes and bony shields and frills and whatnot on triceratops and his kin weren't so much for defense as they were for wooing the lady dinosarus. Just like how antlers and horns on modern critters are mostly for mating displays and fighting over territory, and only occasionally used for fending off predators. Which makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.

We had D&D on Friday and there was something that I thought might be kind of interesting to relate, but damned if I can remember what it is now.

Watched and enjoyed disk 2 of season 2 of new Doctor Who. I suspect I'll end up liking Eccleston better than Tennant, but it's still plenty watchable.

In theory, there's a figurative chicken wandering about, but I'm not counting it until it has not just hatched, but laid its figurative egg into my non-figurative bank account.

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