Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Disorienting, isn't it?

So we had an election. It was a landslide.

This is not a bad thing, because (Prop 8 aside) I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. But it's left me feeling a bit unsettled. You have to tread carefully on the newly exposed ground, because everything has moved.

President-Elect Barack Obama collects comics, y'all. For serious! Spider-Man and Conan!

I read things like this and every time I'm a little bit surprised. My brain keeps going "Wait, what? Really? I mean, it's beyond awesome, but—how is this real? How did this happen?"

The Newsweek behind the scenes coverage of the election is amazing. If I were more coherent, I'd try to say something insightful about how it shows the conservative McCain candidacy being about individuals, the old-school Clinton candidacy being about hierarchy, and the paradigm-shattering Obama candidacy being about self-organizing crowds. As it is, I'll just point in that general direction and wonder how much of that is How Things Are and how much is a compelling narrative embedded by skilled journalism.

GPS canvassing and comics and Mac laptops and hybrid cars and student loans and Harry Potter and Bach and nuance and uncertainty and and and.

You guys, somehow I think we managed to elect a geek as President of the United States.

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