Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

More quotidia

Okay. A day and maybe a half of work, and then VACATION. I can do it!

Improvised a nice middle eastern-ish veggie dish this evening. Can of green beans, can of garbanzo beans, can of corn. Olive oil, lemon juice, a shallot, then some garlic powder, marjoram, and allspice for dressing. Tweak flavor balance with salt, pepper, and/or sugar. Oh, and some capers. Those helped quite a bit I think.

Watching TV shows not via broadcast makes me totally spoiled. What do you mean there aren't any more episodes available yet?!? Harrumph!

It's cold and dry and has made everything so staticky that I actually bought a can of static-guard. It's the one thing about our arid climate I really dislike.
Tags: quotidia

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