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I decided to get some exercise today (because I need it), so I walked over to Safeway and picked up a prescription for Jerry. Then I poked around the thrift shop for a bit and hit POM for a few veggies, because I wanted something green for dinner. I ended up improvising a really tasty roasted veggie dish.

A bundle of asparagus and half again as much green beans, cut short and sprayed with olive oil. Salt and pepper, about a head of garlic sliced on top, roast at 400 for 20 minutes. Plus about five small cucumbers, sliced, oiled, etc. roasted for 10 minutes. Toss it all with a little balsamic vinegar when it's all done, and man was it good. Yeah, it turns out you can roast cucumber, and it's really good that way.

It was very windy and cold as I walked over there, and as I was walking home it started snowing. It all melted when it hit the ground, though, and it slowed down quite a bit before long. It's starting to stick to grass and cars, but I predict we won't get much actual accumulation.

Thanksgiving was nice, if kind of low-key. Lots of step-inlaws, few close relatives. My step-brother deep-fried the turkey really well this year. I had to take my grandmother home a little early because her oxygen ran out (the spare tank got left on 6 instead of 0 and emptied itself, oops), but I didn't mind.

Heading over to the Floyds' in a little bit to get some socialization. See? I'm being taken care of while my boys are away!

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