Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

3a &3d

So the weather at SFO and DIA was fine last night, but horrible all over the place elsewhere, so there were some delays flying back last night. My flight, originally scheduled to take off around 8, finally took off at 11pm. Which meant that we landed at 2:15 and it was 3 in the morning before the boys could pick me up. Oy. Vey. Ah well. A laptop with videos to watch makes spending five hours in the airport a lot more bearable, and I'm home now. I got to sleep in my own bed with my own pillows (I hate hotel pillows) with my partners on either side of me last night, so it's all okay.

My poster session went reasonably well. I didn't get a huge number of viewers, but the session was fairly well-attended, and the people who stopped by to talk were very interested. Before that, there was only one talk I wanted to see in the morning and I had a big gap after that, so I decided to go see a movie. I tried to see Bolt, since it was showing in 3-D at a theater just a few blocks away. I can tell you that they really have the 3D process down now; it looks really good and (except for some moments when things are moving quickly) looks completely natural. However, when the projector decides to spaz, you do get excitingly seizure-inducing green flickers that don't match in both eyes. I got to see the short before the movie twice, but not the feature. But I got a refund and a raincheck out of it, so it wasn't all bad. And man, there are a lot of animated 3D movies coming out soon. I'm also hoping the new Witch Mountain movie is anywhere near as cool as it has the potential to be based on the trailer.

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