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Jerry and I have had a nice weekend here in Astoria. It's very damp. There was a whole lot of snow when we got here Friday, but it rained (or drizzled, or dripped, or misted) a lot and had mostly washed away now. This is the same snow that had PDX all shut down, but fortunately it was all recovered by the time we flew in Friday. No delays or anything.

We haven't done an enormous amount while here (see "damp", plus I've been fighting off a cold), but it's been nice. We introduced his parents to the games Wizard and Unspeakable Words, both of which they enjoyed. We got to do some shopping for some of our own Christmas presents, since the aforementioned snow put a damper on that. Jerry's mom got a little tiny laptop for Christmas, so yesterday we helped her buy & set up a wireless router, which is why I can now make an LJ post.

I finished one of the books I got, Forensics & Fiction. Watched some TV off my laptop. Went to the rec center with Jerry twice. Kept things pretty low-key and enjoyable. We're heading back tonight.

In theory I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but I think I may just work on updating the project logo & call it good...

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