Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hippo Gnu Deer!

Happy New Year!

A lot of people seem to have had a relatively lousy 2008. I feel lucky, because on the whole it went pretty well for me. Work was more interesting than tedious and I appear to have gotten a promotion. (I've been holding off on any celebratory announcements until it's a done deal.) My Comic-Con adventure pretended like it was going to be a massive disaster, but then it turned into an utter success, and I got to meet a lot of lovely and wonderful people in the flesh, finally. And the other travels I had this year were great, too. 2008 was also the year of my return to writing fiction. The original fiction is still hugely in-progress, but I feel the fanfic I've been doing on the side has been successful, and I'm very pleased with it. Finances are kind of ugly but set to improve, domestic life continues well, and most strangely of all, for the first time I voted for a whole bunch of winning candidates. I'm no longer seized with the urge to shut off the radio the instant I start to hear about politics, and it's almost unsettling.

Jerry stayed home with The Cold of Massive Fatigue, but Greg & I went over to the Floyds' last night for the now-traditional fondue and board games. I managed not to drip anything on myself this year! I did score the first party foul of the new year, though, when shortly after midnight I opened the bottle of sparkling fruit juice and it sprayed everywhere just like a well-shaken bottle of champagne.

Chris & Todd dropped by for a bit this afternoon, mostly to say hello as Todd is heading off tomorrow on a Caribbean cruise. We had pho (well, noodle bowl) for dinner, since we realized that the folks working there are much more interested in the new year that'll be starting in several weeks than the one that started today. Then Jerry & I watched another disc of Doctor Who. It had the episodes with the re-introduction of the cybermen, which I give an A for concept and premise and a C- for execution. Still liking Eccleston better than Tennant.

Have to go to work and pay bills tomorrow. Poo. Weather's been nicer, at least.

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