Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Burnt sugar + butter + cream = yum

Adventures in cooking: I made caramel sauce today. It was easier than it has a reputation for being, and it tastes really good, so I must have done something right. It could have been a smidge darker, but still, yum.

I followed this recipe and the advice from this article. You should try it!

(The sauce goes on the nearly twelve dozen chai-spice profiteroles I made for Seekrit Satan tomorrow. I make 'em small, so a double recipe of choux paste makes a LOT.)

Also, the Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer that my Mom passed on to us when they sold the house, which is probably from the '60s or '70s? Is AWESOME. I love this mixer. It has a very simple, low-tech design that works REALLY well. Sometimes old is good.

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