Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Phoenix, day 1

I'm in Phoenix!

The alarm didn't go off this morning, so I didn't have time to catch the bus, but Jerry was kind enough to drive with me to the airport. We took 470 to avoid traffic; I don't think it's significantly shorter distance-wise, but nobody drives on it because it's a toll road, so it's always empty.

(Aside: They're no longer going to be accepting cash for the tolls starting this summer. It'll be EZ-Pass only. It's unclear to me why anybody thinks this is a good idea. I bet somebody thinks the people who pay cash will all switch over, and is going to be mightily surprised when it turns out that most of them simply won't drive that way instead.)

Anyway, because of the aforementioned tolls, I pulled my wallet contents out of my pocket* (I don't have a wallet, I just carry the things that go in a wallet in my pocket) and set them on the console so we could easily grab cash at each toll plaza.

...which meant, of course, that when I hopped out of the car at the airport, I left all my cash, and my driver's license, and my credit cards, and etc. in the car, and did not realize it until I was indoors and Jerry had driven away.

And this could have been a tale of woe, but my kung_fu_monkey is an awesome kung_fu_monkey, and thought to bring his cell phone, even at Stupid O'Clock in the morning! So I called him and said "Come back, come back!" and he did, and got me all my stuff, and all was right with the world.

I didn't want to stand in a line for McDonald's on the concourse, so I had Panda Express for breakfast.

No conference until tomorrow; today was hanging out with Greg's mom. We went to the Chihuly show at the desert botanical gardens, and it was just stunningly beautiful. I took a bunch of pictures that I'll post, but I don't know whether they even come close to doing it justice. It was fantastic.

And I'd just like to say hooray for neighbors with unsecured wireless!

(Also: travel causes me to owe people lots of email & comments. Boo.)

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