Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Dominion! And stuff.

Tomorrow is a games-fest over at Tom's and I have a copy of Dominion! I serendipitously discovered that an online games store based here in Broomfield had copies, and then called them this morning, just of the off-chance there was someone at the warehouse on a Saturday -- and there was! I've very psyched.

So after getting one car fixed on Monday, the other started overheating on Tuesday & Wednesday. I got an appointment for Friday, then determined that it would be easier to deal with dropping it off mid-day Thursday than driving in during rush hour on Friday worrying about it overheating. Which resulted in running to catch the bus Friday morning and getting that annoying cold-air allergy cough I get, which thankfully has mostly subsided.

It turns out that the water coolant pump died, which is not super-expensive, but we're coming up on the point where you need to replace the timing belt (and this car is one where if the timing belt breaks, the engine is trashed), and they could do the whole thing while they were in there anyway, for a net savings over taking it all apart again to do it later... so it turned out to be fairly expensive after all. *le sigh*

But it was some thirty-forty dollars cheaper than the estimate I approved, and the tech really hustled and got it done before closing yesterday, so that we were able to pick it up today. So at least there's that.

I made some roasted root veggies tonight, and there's a pork shoulder marinating in mole spices in the fridge for a recipe I heard on The Splendid Table, and all in all I'm feeling pretty accomplished for today.

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