Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Better, Three Ways

Whatever had me so out-of-sorts yesterday had to have been biochemical; this morning (after eating breakfast and taking some pseudoephedrine for stuffy sinuses, which may or may not have be relevant) the mood suddenly lifted and over the course of a minute or so, I just felt... better. Not annoyed at everything in the world anymore. And it's not like I started thinking differently about anything, it was just a Mood, which passed.

Cable internet got hooked up yesterday morning, so we spent a decent chunk of the day configuring connections and poking holes in the firewall. My prediction is that in five to ten years, non-trivial home networks will become prevalent enough that we'll start seeing advertisements for people who you can hire to come to your house and deal with it just like you can hire an electrician or a plumber to come deal with your wiring or your pipes. The new connection is literally ten times faster than our old one, so it's pretty winful all the way around.

I played five games of Dominion over the last week and have come to appreciate the money cards as more central to the dynamic of winning. My instinct is to focus on chaining card combos that let you build up a huge pile of resources, but steadily enriching your deck is clearly an essential tactic as well.

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