Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

let's start a war, start a nuclear war

On Sunday, saintpookie went off to play minis with Jeff & Thomas, and I went to the Wrangler with kung_fu_monkey and coloskind.

The Wrangler, for those who may not know, is a gay bar.

You can probably guess all the rest of the relevant details from the name.

I haven't been to a gay bar since I was in grad school, when I went to the Yard of Ale in Boulder a few times. It was a dinky little bar in a strip mall, with a mixed college-town kind of crowd, and it closed down a couple years ago. It was... okay.

It's a very different experience going to such a place being in a relationship and with people than single and on your own. No pressure to try and meet people, you can just hang out and chat and ogle all the eye candy with a smile. And bounce to the music.

It's also kind of weird to be in a space with a LOT of attractive guys and realize that there's no need to think "I wonder if he's...?" Because, yes. He is. They ALL are. Whoa.

It was fun. I met Van/pink_halen and Tye/wyocub, who are lovely guys, and just relaxed. (I got a pretty good mellow-friendly contact high going.) I may not go all that often, but I'll definitely go again.

Next time I will bring earplugs so I can stand next to the speakers and dance.

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