Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


ZOMG! I found cheap produce!

I am so jealous of y'all what live in California, because you can get decent fruits and veggies for a reasonable amount of money. Out here, that's often hard to do. There are bargains to be found in ethnic markets, but there's usually a lot of picking through to do.

But no longer! On the way home from the bank today, I discovered Sprouts, which is all vitamins and bulk granola and organic flax-seed breakfast cereal... and a huuuuge produce section, where everything is half the price of the regular supermarket!

It's only been open for four months, which makes me feel better about not knowing it was there before now. Everybody local should go shop there, so we can make sure it stays in business! (It's on 120th, right near Chipotle.)

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