Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Tai Chi, for once

I went to tai chi this evening for the first time in ages. It's taught by a volunteer instructor at work (just a guy who knows it well) and is held in the exercise studio in my building. I enjoy it, though I often wish that we could spend less time on the first third of the form (which we do over an over) and more on the second two thirds, which I don't actually know well enough to do on my own. There are a number of transitions that I don't quite understand, and I get lost if I try to do the form outside the context of the class.

But I went today, and it made me feel good, and I enjoyed it, and it was exercise, too. Bailed out ten minutes early so I could pick up dinner on the way to Jeff & Alice's. (Star Wars night -- much fun.) Saw the Ottems' new baby. And, um, yeah, that's about it.

Not that anyone cares, but my Star Wars character now has a +20(!) skill modifier on Repair checks, which is min-maxy, true, but makes for enjoyable escapism.

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