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Album cover meme!

Tortoise was a late-90s indie rock band that couldn't break out in a world of boy bands and nu-metal. Droning, melodic, and choral, they could have been The Arcade Fire if they hadn't listened to too much Spin Doctors in high school and been obsessed with trying to cram hooks and funky rhythms into their otherwise minimalist song structure. The World From Outer Space was their sophomore effort, and was by many standards a better album than their first, but it was a concept album with no singles, and sold poorly. Tortoise broke up on Sept. 12, 2001.

(I admit, I cheated a little, because it's more fun to work with something that looks like it might really exist. I got a good picture and quote on the first try, but the first band name was "Tapp Middle School". Umm, no. Then I got "On Nuclear Terrorism", which is awesome with the album title, but there's just no way a flickr photo was going to do it justice. Third try got "Land Tortoise (shipwreck)", which worked when shortened.)

Make Your Own:

1 - Name of band:

2 - Tile of album: last four or five words of the last quote on

3 - Album cover: third picture on

4 - Assemble in photoshop or paint or whatever

5 - Describe what it sounds like! (I added this step, but I think it's the best part.)

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