Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Comic Irregularity

I read a lot of webcomics. I used to read them every weekend, but it started to feel like an obligation, so now I tend to read them in big batches, when I'm in the mood to read a particular title.

Apropos of which, I've been doing some catching up on Irregular Webcomic recently. (A lot of catching up -- like, about two and a half years' worth.)

And I have to say, I think it's fair to say that it is not infrequently full-on brilliant. It's done with legos and photoshop, so it's not like it's about the art, but David Morgan-Mar puts a lot of thought into the writing. He usually provides annotations with a word or two about putting the strip together: what was tricky to photoshop, or abandoned punchline ideas, things like that. And sometimes the annotations are long essays that elucidate, say, basic principles of quantum mechanics. (He's a physicist.)

And then sometimes he does something like this strip, which consists of nothing but four completely black squares. The amazing thing is that, in context, it is appropriate, makes perfect sense, and is funny. The accompanying annotation is a lengthy and insightful essay on the nature of Art.

I just got to a strip where he did the same thing with no panels at all, tying together an entire year's worth of plotlines. And it worked.

I also just realized that he's been updating every day since early 2003, somewhat belying the title of the strip...

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