Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Beware teh Java!

A Day of Little Interest. Spent most of the day at work getting the Proposal object to calculate its affordability. This required getting it to iterate through all the different parameter configurations until it found one that worked or determined that none did, and that involved a recursive function. It works, but what with all the cloning collections and setting variables that then get discarded so they don't corrupt the real data, it just feels a little... dirty to me. I mean, I can't decide if the resulting code is elegant, or a gross hack. Am I sick?

Or am I just sick for writing about it as if anyone else cares?


Ha ha Lovecraftian funny! The livejournal of Zachary Marsh

(New Rule: a livejournal is a good place to propagate random links of interest or amusement, providing that they are decently described. Wait, was that already a rule?)

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