Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

We went up to Fort Collins for a potluck last night. Saw Chris & Todd & mdwhitley and had a good time (once I got over the initial low-blood-sugar headache from apparently not eating enough lunch). I worried that bringing green beans and vietnamese chicken salad was a bit veggie-heavy, but given the abundance of pasta in the other dishes, it was fine.

After it got dark, I was standing on the patio and could see the light show from a thunderstorm way off in the south.

This morning it was sunny and lovely, but now it has clouded over -- probably that same storm system -- and I'm feeling weather-moody. I hear we're likely to get snow this week.

As I get older, I become more aware of the fact that I have all kinds of mood reactions to the environment, and my health, and other people, and all kinds of things. And I think, my god, if after three and a half decades, I'm only this far in understanding how I work... once again, it's kind of astonishing we have anything resembling civilization at all.

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