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So the first thing I did today was to run off to the DMV and renew my registration, because I was pulled over by a very nice (and attractive) cop on the way home last night who pointed out to me that my tags had expired. This was something of a surprise to me, and I even speculated that someone had stolen the year tag off my plate, but he ran it through his computer and no, they were just expired.

I managed to completely forget to renew my license plates back in August. Just forgot. Boy, do I feel dumb.

But Very Nice Cop let me off with a warning, and I thanked him profusely. kung_fu_monkey thinks he was totally hitting on me, which, in retrospect, is probably the case. VNC did, in fact, say -- and this is a direct quote -- "Have I seen you someplace?" and "Do you live around here?".

Boy, now that I write it down, it sounds really obvious. I wish that I were capable of noticing these kinds of things and having any idea how to respond at the time, rather that just after the fact. It would be cool to be, y'know, witty and scintillating.

Again with the feeling dumb.

But then I went and got my glasses fixed (earpiece broke off) down at Arvada Optical, and this is why they are so cool: even though the manufacturer of my frames went out of business, the optician guy found me a similar piece that would work, and tinkered with the hinge to make it work, and made the old earpiece match the new one, and it was only 8 bucks. And his wife, who also works there, not only remembered me, she also asked about my Mom and was able to recall details about both of us.

That's the reason my Mom and I have been going there to get glasses for the last two and a half decades. The big chain stores are just no comparison to a genuine optician. I told them that they're not allowed to retire (which is, frankly, likely to happen before too long), because then I'll have to stop wearing glasses.

Maybe I'll take that as my signal to get lasik...

Note also: Whedon X-Men comics loaned by Kate == ♥. Just in case that wasn't intuitively obvious.

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