Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

My Mouth Is Happy

Birthday G&C at Common Grounds on Friday. Nothin' much in the way of anecdotage to report, but lovely nonetheless. Karen made a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" chocolate pound cake with raspberry sauce -- DADT because you really don't want to know the quantities of various ingredients that are involved.

And zalena made me a present so awesome, it has to go behind the cut tag.

It was a big cannister (plus bonus back-up tin!) of tasty, tasty homemade caramel corn. I would show you a picture, except that I cannot, because due to the aforementioned tastiness, it has all been eaten.

Yes, I shared it with other people. A little.

The thing that elevated it from yummy to AWESOME is the thoroughly researched and highly realistic Olde Tyme patent medicine label she added, which I can show you a picture of:

And because there's no way it's going to be legible at that resolution, I reproduce for you here the full text thereof:

Dr. T's Patented Medicinal Clumps

Blood tonik, beard growth, catarrh, dropsy, dyspepsia, female complaints, jaundice, cholera morbius, biliousness, neuralgia, mercurial eruptions, scarlet fever, st. vitus' dance, mugwumps, paralysis and other nervous disorders, consumption, liver and kidney congestion, seasickness, train nausea, erysipelas, abscesses, goiters, scrophulus disorders, and persistent peristalsis


Certificate of Purity: This is to certify that Dr. T's Patent Medicinal Clusters is purely vegetable and does not contain any calomel, mercury, creosote, morphine, opium, nitrate potash (salt-petre), bromide potassium, narcotic alkaloid, whiskey, wine, or any harmful or habit producing drugs. Dr. T's Patent Medicinal Clusters was discovered through scientific research and study by Dr. T who graduated with honors in his field of study and is now actively engaged in the practice of his profession, which calling he has successfully followed for many years.

Is it any wonder it's already been eaten?

Oh, and then yesterday we went off to the Gamaches' to help Neal practice making sushi by providing him with willing mouths to eat the products of his labors. Actually, we ended up making some, too. It was fun, and pretty easy if someone else has done all the work of cutting things up and cooking the rice. Nori is more elastic than I would have guessed. Also, my philosophew is quite fond of unagi, to put it mildly.
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