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Star Trek thoughts

So I think my overall reaction to the movie can be summed up by noting that there were certainly flaws, and I even noticed them, but I Just. Didn't. Care. because I was having too much fun. This seems to be a pretty common reaction.

Acting: The actors all did a really good job of being those characters without being parodies or imitations of the original actors, which is really impressive, and probably the single most important thing in making the movie work. I loved Simon Pegg's Scotty, of course, (though I was more persuaded once he took his hat off) and Karl Urban's Bones is really just stunningly good. I almost want to say that Zachary Quinto does a better job at being Spock nowadays than Leonard Nimoy, but that probably is more about Spock Prime being much more in touch with his human side than Young Spock. Yelchin's Chekhov didn't do much for me (it's petty, but I found his hair distracting), but Zoe Saldana's Uhura is just... wow. (And I have to confess: I kept thinking that Spock's mother looked really familiar, and then Winona Ryder's name came up in the credits and I was all "she was in this movie? Where?" and it took me a good minute to figure it out...)

Science: The pseudoscience was, of course, terrible, but it says something that it didn't really bother me. I think it's because while there was a lot of Physics Doesn't Work That Way, it wasn't so much that they hadn't thought through the implications of the technobabble as they were just using the wrong words for it, so I cheerfullyly handwaved some excuses in the plot's direction and was satisfied. Like, yeah, that's not at all what a supernova is, but if you assume they actually meant to say "warp nova" or something, it's fine. Likewise, change "black hole" to "subspace singularity" or whatever and it's all good. (I did like the red matter.)

Plot: I guess what I will say about the plot is that it did its job, which was to string all the individual good bits into a mostly coherent whole. There were logical nitpicks aplenty that mostly just fell before the power of Good Story. Why were there only two guys guarding the drill head, and why didn't they just shoot Sulu and Kirk? Because FOLDING KATANA OF AWESOME, SO SHUT IT, that's why! Having the Enterprise emerge from the clouds of Titan was gratuitous and lousy physics, but it put a stupid grin on my face nevertheless.

Misc: The shout-outs to the Trekkie Old-Skool scattered throughout were lovely, and mixed nicely with the completely new bits. Somebody suggested that the reason Uhura wears a totally non-military miniskirt is that it's a standard uniform option for officers of all genders and species, and she wears it because it makes it easier to kick people in the face with her awesome boots. I like this theory and am adopting it. (The relevant question being, which male crewmember do we want to see in a skirt first?) But sadly, it was part of a non-negligible dollop of the very tiresome "men are strong, women are sexy" signal that we get far too much of in our popular culture. On the plus side of the memery, though, somebody else called it a very "Obama-era" movie, in that it's about a diverse team working together to solve problems, rather than One Lone Man's fight. Oh! And I was pleased to notice they actually had people talking over one another just like they do in real life, which is something you very rarely see in movies.

So, yeah. All in all, I have to say I was well and thoroughly entertained by it. I may even go see it again. (Though hopefully they won't have the sound quite so loud if I do.) It looks like the franchise may continue to have a long and prosperous lifetime.
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