Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Back now

My online interactions dropped significantly over the last two weeks because I was putting together a one-shot 4e DnD game for my friends Jay & Laura, who were in town this weekend. An idea jumped very insistently into my brain, and compelled me to pay attention. That was not so much the time-sucking part. It was generating 19 different characters (one of each race & class, plus a couple extra) for the players to choose from. Because I am a fool.

But anyway, last Thursday was the evening, and it went well. The players had a good time, and now I'm all set to run the game again for more groups. (And I even have some thoughts on how to improve it a bit. Like, monster special abilities that amount to "ha ha you can't hit me" may be balanced in terms of game mechanics, but are not very much fun. "Stuff happens when you hit me" is much better.) I have to say that I really like how easy 4e makes it to file off the serial numbers and repaint monsters into something that sounds totally weird and unique.

Since then I've been doing a lot of nothing to catch up, which I kind of needed. Jerry and I have watched a lot of Green Wing, and I played a lot of Galactrix, and... that's about it, really. Some visiting with people (more Jay & Laura, a bit of Slayerfest at Kate's) on Saturday, and otherwise, I've been quite lazy.

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