Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


This afternoon, kung_fu_monkey and I will hop in the car and drive up into the mountains to spend Thanksgiving with my mom & step-dad and my step-siblings and their kids.

It will probably be cold and snowy up there, though it's been cold and snowy down here for the last few days, so not much change there.

We'll have a turkey and a ham and lots of other traditional Thanksgiving foods. No yams with marshmallows, though, thank goodness. We get to bring stuff for a vegetable platter (baby carrots, olives, red bell pepper strips, cucumber sticks, asparagus I steamed Sunday night, etc.), some serving plates, a meat thermometer, whatever soda we want, and our sleeping bags (just in case).

Things to be thankful for: family within driving distance, a good car for the driving, and a nice destination in the mountains. Holidays that involve my Mom's cooking. Flannel sheets. Car CD players. Music. Snow. The written word. Warmth. Monkeys. (Especially ones with a red sash in kung fu.)

And, yeah, LiveJournal and all the friends, new and old, that it puts me in touch with.

Be well! Have a happy holiday! Eat good food!

(Except you crazy Canucks and suchlike who've already had the holiday, to whom I extend those same wishes retroatively.)

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