Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Lately every weekend involves food

Yesterday Jerry persuaded us layabouts to go to Van & Ron's big brunch, and I'm very glad he did, because we had quite a good time. They had an impressive spread, and lots of interesting guests, and the view from their apartment is amazing. Van's a good guy, and it was nice to get to know him better.

Today is Chris's birthday barbecue. So I have made blueberry ice cream, and lime sherbet, and roasted cauliflower with cocoa, and some thai pesto to use up the basil and put on grilled vegetables, and prepped onions and asparagus and eggplant and squash and possibly some nectarines for the aforementioned grilling.

Because I am, as has been well-established, insane.

There was also some fighting with my laptop about disk space and burning things to DVD, but now WoW is 97% installed, and in another, oh, five hours, I should finally be able to play with my sweeties, woot!

I could stand to have more hours in the day, but life is pretty good.

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