Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

No brain; I has dumbing

Argh. I have a very mild headache that isn't even all that unpleasant to deal with, but is completely destroying my ability to focus or do any... brain-thingy...

Thinking. That's the word.

There's an LJ advisory election on. Based on what they've said about their candidacies (both the substance of positions, and how the information has communicated), I think kylecassidy, webquatch, and vichan look like the best candidates. Voting location post thing hyar

I haz poler bar in WoWcraft! Deserves full post when word-making thing is more going-y.

I can barely string words together coherently, but I can still punctuate properly. Is that noteworthy? Or just dumb?

Allergies-or-maybe-having-a-cold are/is teh suckxor.

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