Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

My brain on parade

I've been out in the sun a fair amount this weekend. Yesterday for Jeff & Alice's twins' birthday, and then today for Denver's Gay Pride parade.

I think being in marching band starting in 7th grade may have spoiled me for parades. Groups of random supporters walking along cheering & clapping always seem a bit... disorganized to me. I also wonder what the announcers do when certain of the parade participants pass by the reviewing stand. "And now... a guy in a car! Hello, guy in a car!"

We decided to just pay for parking, and so found a spot only two blocks from where we met Chris & Todd. We were at Colfax & Lincoln, basically, so by the time the parade got to that point, a number of gaps had developed, and we were often left wondering whether that was the end of the parae. But it actually ended with a bunch of people carrying a gigantically long pink feather boa for a fundraiser. I was inordinately pleased to see a guy at the very end pulling more of it out of a box and handing it to parade-watchers to join in. (I thought before he showed up how awesome it would be if there was a machine at the end, just manufacturing more boa, so that eventually everyone watching would just join in the parade at the end of it.)

Pride tends to bring out the exhibitionist in people. There was quite a bit of bare skin on display. And here's how I can tell my tastes are non-mainstream, because there were certainly some folks that I found attractive, but for probably 90% of them, my first thought was "Ooo, honey, I hope you put on sunscreen."

Do you ever wonder if there are people who attend the parade not because they care about gay pride one way or the other, but just because they really like rainbows? I wondered that. I also wondered if I should be worried that I could recognize the dance music coming from the middle of Civic Center park just from the bottom two octaves and the drum line.

Walking past all the booths afterwards, Kuma & Monkey bought things like bear-themed shwag and jerkey. I signed a petition and filled out a survey, for which I got a $2 bill and a pocketful of condoms. "I'm participating in demography!" I proclaimed.

Yes, I really said that. Out loud, even.

"Next up... Beemer's brain! Hello, Beemer's brain! You seem a bit... disorganized."

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