Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

No bullet points for you


Joined gym
Worked out at gym
Paid off car*
Reduced car insurance bill
Paid bills
Mailed things
Banked money
Authorized partner for credit card use
Got new credit cards**
Finally used birthday gift cards***
Acquired 4e Eberron book & new Culture novel
Waited out torrential rainstorm
Looked at art by people I know
Also looked at art by strangers
Had interesting thoughts about art
Didn't watch pretty sunset clouds while driving
Delegated cloud-watching to partner
Grocery shopped
Grocery shopped some more at different store
Was nagged at to "Go eat something!" in stereo
Made gazpacho for tomorrow****

*Technically this happened on the 30th, by autopay, but today was finances day, so I count it as an accomplishment. Soooo looking forward to not having a car payment!

**We feel clever for having done this today and avoiding potential hosage of doing it while Jerry is off in Japan.

***Had to be spotted $0.76 by Black & Read counter staff, because I had a gift card and a credit card but no cash on me, and running the card for less than a dollar is a lose for them. D'oh!


And all this after a relatively low-key and lazy morning. No wonder I'm tired!

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